Remodeling your home’s kitchen is a big undertaking, one that requires careful planning and consideration. You have to keep in mind trends along with functionality and comfort.

While gathering information and creating a mood board of what you would like is fun, it’s vital to look at the bigger picture before you begin the journey. From cost to what’s really possible in your existing kitchen, there’s a lot of ground to cover when planning a kitchen remodel.

Examine the existing layout

Experts generally advise homeowners to stick to the current layout of the kitchen to keep the project simple and save money. However, some homes have a dysfunctional kitchen layout that needs to be rectified during the kitchen remodel. If the kitchen layout doesn’t suit you and your needs, have it changed. Do keep in mind the plumbing aspect of the kitchen and appoint the right service for the task.


Remodeling a kitchen is a home improvement project that’s quite expensive. It’s something you need to plan and save for, especially if you want to go all out and have a floor-to-ceiling makeover.

Weighing out the costs of a remodel is the most daunting part of the process so it’s one you should get out of the way early doors. A new kitchen is a major expense, but when done right, it’s very rewarding. It also adds to the overall value of your home.

Figure out a realistic budget for your kitchen, one that takes into account good quality materials, fixtures, fittings, and labor. If you’re going to go all out, you need to do it well. It is also important to get a quote from plumber to be prepared for the expenses.

Do you need to expand?

Kitchen expansion.

Is the kitchen too small for you? Now’s the perfect time to consider an addition. Expand your current kitchen and add more area to make working in the kitchen easier. You might have to take down some walls to make this happen. But before you make this decision, weigh the cost of the extra space. You could possibly use that money on more shelves and cabinetry. Discuss the options with a kitchen planner or architect for the best advice.

Your lifestyle

Every household has its own unique use of the kitchen. Larger households, for example require a larger kitchen where multiple people can cook and prep at once. Smaller nuclear families, on the other hand, require less space and rely on their appliances more. The design of your kitchen should revolve around your lifestyle.

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