Fixing a Clogged Sink: DIY or Call the Pros?

Call a Plumber Now!

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A kitchen counter full of dirty dishes and water backing up the kitchen sink can frustrate you. If you’re tempted to go online and look for DIYs to unclog the drain, think again!

This blog discusses why it's viable to call a professional plumber than DIY-ing the clogged drain.

Is it a DIY Fix?

Drain opening products are inexpensive and easy to use, but they come with consequences. These products contain toxic and corrosive elements that can damage your septic system and plumbing. Spending a little to unclog the drain right now is better than spending hundreds of dollars on getting the plumbing replaced in the future.

Unless you know what you're doing and have the right equipment to do it, we advise you to call a plumber to fix a clogged sink. It'll save you money, reduce your plumbing cost, and damages in the future.

Calling a Plumber

Clogged sinks are second nature to plumbers!

They have ample experience to safely and quickly resolve the issue. It may seem like a simple clog to you, but a plumber has the expertise to understand if the case is more and complicated, and how to fix it.

a plumber lying on his back holding a kitchen sink drain pipe

How to Make the Decision?

We know everyone's tempted to unclog the drain themselves, but before you get on with the task, ask yourself these questions:

Question 1: Has the clog caused a mess that’s spreading?

If you answered yes, call a plumber!

You never know when a simple clog can lead to significant damage to your house. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it can also lead to a renter's or homeowner's insurance claim for damaged carpeting and furniture. Save yourself some hard cash by calling a professional from the get-go.

Question 2: Does the clog affect every drain in your house?

If so, your plumbing’s main drain may have a clog that must be taken care of immediately by a professional. If the answer is no, it may just be a localized issue, but still require urgent checking by a plumber to avoid wastewater flooding.

a plumber unscrewing the U trap of the sink to check for a clog

Question 3: Is the clogged sink in one of the critical areas of your house (like a kitchen or a bathroom you frequently use)?

If so, you can't afford to try DIY methods or wait it out, hoping that the clog to fix itself. Your kitchen and bathrooms are critical areas. You can't go about your day without using the sinks in these places. For immediate unclogging, call a plumber!

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