Having a leaky faucet in the home is a problem like many other plumbing issues . Not only does the dripping noise from the faucet become unnerving, the longer you let the faucet leak, the more likely it is that water damage will occur to the cabinets, floors, walls and other areas of the home. A leaky faucet should be dealt with promptly so that your water bill is not affected and so there is minimal damage to the home. Today, we will review some of the common causes for leaky faucets so you can perform some minor repairs on your own and know when to call a licensed and experienced plumber in Katy, TX.

A Worn Washer

There is a washer installed on compression faucets. When the washer, usually rubber, becomes worn out, the faucet will drip or leak. All you need to do is have the washer replaced, which can be done on your own. How does a washer become worn out? When the water runs, the washer is pushed against the valve seat. This friction causes the washer to lose its strength and begin to fail.

Poor O-Rings

An O-ring is a piece of equipment that is found in most cartridge faucets and it is one of the most common causes of a leaky faucet. The O-ring is used to seal any gaps between the internal parts of the faucet and the cartridge. When the O-ring fails, water can leak out through these gaps, causing issues with your bill and even damage to your cabinet if not discovered soon enough. This is another fix that you can do by yourself. Simply purchase a new O-ring and replace the bad one.

Loose Parts

It’s not uncommon for one or more parts of the faucet to become loose. Since faucets are used constantly, especially in a home with a lot of people living there, the many small parts that help it run properly can become loose. Where is the faucet leaking? Is the water coming out from the base of the faucet? If so, the packing nut or adjusting ring have come loose. You can remove the handle and tighten the loose part. If this doesn’t stop the leak, it might be time to replace the seals or springs of the faucet.

Broken Pipes or Parts

If you cannot find the source of the leak above the sink, you might have a more serious problem on your hands. There could very well be broken pipes or parts underneath the sink that are leaky faucet causes. This would require the skills of a licensed plumber to fix. You don’t want to try your luck with fixing a broken pipe or other important parts of the sink setup. It could lead to more extensive water damage and higher repair costs. Getting the pipes fixed by professionals extend their life span.

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