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Regular drain cleaning has a lot of benefits. It’s a project that you should have a professional conduct on a regular basis. There are a lot of drains in your home that can easily clog if you don’t keep them clean. Regular drain cleaning benefits include proper water drainage, no backup of human waste, and no damage done to your walls or flooring. Here are the most important drain cleaning benefits in this post.

Get Rid of Foul Smells

Quite possibly the most important benefit of regular drain cleaning is that it gets rid of or prevents foul smells from emanating throughout your home. It can be difficult to mask or get rid of smells coming from the sewer. No one should have to live in a home that has sewer smells. Having the plumbing traps (p-traps) on your drains cleaned regularly can help prevent foul smells from being in your home.

Reduce Drain Blockages

A drain that is not cleaned often can easily clog. You can reduce drain blockages with regular cleaning of the drains in your home. A tiny blockage can wind up causing you a lot of problems when trying to wash your hands or the dishes, take a bath or take a shower. The drains could easily back up and the water could overflow onto the counter or the floor of the bathroom.

Save Money on Big Repairs

The longer you let clogged drains go without being repaired, you could incur expensive bills down the road. Why? A clogged drain can easily cause a lot of water damage anywhere in your home. You might wind up having a burst pipe or a leak that requires you to not only fix the plumbing, but also replace the rugs, drywall, and other items.

Reduce Mold Growth

When you have a drain that is clogged that you don’t clean, mold can grow in the drain and other areas of your home. The more often you clean the drains, the less likely it is that mold and other bacteria will grow in the pipes and in the cabinets where your sinks are located.

Increase Lifespan of Pipes

Another benefit of drain cleaning that many homeowners don’t realize is that it can increase the lifespan of your pipes. Think about it. Anything you keep clean and in good working order can last a lot longer than items that aren’t cleaned regularly. The same goes for the pipes in your home. When the drains are cleaned regularly, the pipes stay clean, and they will last longer. Dirty drains lead to dirty pipes and dirty pipes might wind up needing to be replaced sooner than you might have planned.

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