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How do I know if I have a plumbing emergency?

If a large amount of water threatens to damage your walls, flooring, furniture, or decor, you may have a situation that needs professional help right away. However, small drips or a slightly overflowing toilet may not be an emergency.

There is a water leak in my house. What should I do?

The first thing you should do if you notice a water leak in your house is to locate the leak and shut off the closest water source. Next, contain as much water as possible. Finally, contact an emergency plumber who can quickly respond to your issue.

What are the most common emergency plumbing issues?

The most common emergency plumbing issues include:

Water heater leaks
Sewer line clogs
Burst pipes
Leaking faucets
Toilet overflows

If you have an emergency plumbing issue, you should call a professional plumber immediately. Do not try to fix the issue yourself, as this could make the problem worse.

How can I prevent emergency plumbing issues?

There are a few things you can do to prevent emergency plumbing issues, including:

Inspect your water heater and sewer line regularly
Clear your drains regularly
Insulate your pipes
Install a water alarm

"What a life saver. Brandon came in sufficient time and did a great job at a way cheaper price than my first two quotes. Would highly recommend these people."

– Lamar W.

"24/7 Plumbing Company exceeded my expectations! They donated their services and not only did they repair my Uncle's water line, they repiped his entire home!...They have an awesome work ethic. They are friendly, courteous and hardworking."

– Jessie L.

"My house is a 1974 single family home. It came with original pipes which meant galvanized. They came out in a reasonable amount of time according to the window that was given and they cleaned up and they were prompt and efficient. And super respectful, they didn’t really make a lot of noise and they explained everything when they got done. Very very good work, highly recommend."

– Anita A.

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