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We ensure that your home or business meets the ever changing necessary guidelines to ensure maximum safety and code compliance.

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Plumbing Inspection & Code Corrections

Code violations are something that most homeowners don’t like to think about. Whether you’re remodeling or living in an older home that needs some updates, we can help. While you may not understand the reasoning for all the codes, there is a method to what seems like madness. Most codes are implemented for safety reasons and failure to follow them can lead to fines from the city as well as safety risks. Whether new work or old, we can fix any violations quickly and correctly. A few code violations include:

  • Not enough space between toilets and finished walls
  • Insufficient number of sewer clean-outs
  • Improper drain pipe slope for preventing leaks and backflow
  • Venting that doesn’t go directly outside

Why Inspection & Code Corrections Are Important


Inspection and code corrections play an important role in various industries and construction projects. Here’s why they are important:


Safety Assurance 


Inspections ensure that buildings, structures, systems, and equipment meet safety standards. By identifying potential hazards and non-compliance issues, inspections contribute to the safety of occupants, workers, and the public.


Compliance with Regulations 


Building codes and regulations are put in place to ensure that structures and systems are designed, constructed, and maintained to certain standards. Inspection and code corrections help verify that these standards are met, ensuring legal compliance.


Quality Control 


Inspections provide quality control throughout the construction or remodeling process. They help identify and rectify construction defects, ensuring that work is done to the required quality standards and specifications.


Public Health 


Inspections related to plumbing, electrical systems, and sanitation contribute to public health by ensuring clean and safe water, proper waste disposal, and sanitary living conditions.


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What is the purpose of inspections and code corrections?

The primary purpose of inspections is to assess the safety, quality, and compliance of buildings, structures, systems, and equipment with relevant codes and regulations. Code corrections involve addressing any identified non-compliance issues to ensure that standards are met.

When are inspections required?

Inspections are required at various stages of construction, renovation, or when installing new systems or equipment. They may also be required periodically for ongoing maintenance and safety assessments.

How often should inspections be conducted?

The frequency of maintenance inspections depends on factors like the type of property, equipment, or systems involved. Typically, inspections for routine maintenance are conducted annually or as recommended by manufacturers and industry standards.