How to Deal with a Gas Line Leak

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There are always chances of gas pipe breaking or leaking. Whether it’s from soil corrosion, a damaged pipe or tree roots infiltrating, a gas leak isn’t something you should take lightly. It is a matter of serious concern. The minute you suspect a gas leak call a professional plumbing service and take the following steps identified in our blog.

Vacate Your Home

If you suspect a gas leak, you must evacuate your home immediately. Don’t wait or take any chances. If you can smell gas or you notice a broken pipe, collect your family members and step out and away from the house. Make sure to stay at a safe distance from the house before you call any emergency numbers.Whether it’s a big leak or a minor one, your safety should be the priority. Even a minor leak could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or a deadly explosion.

Stay Away From Electric Wires

At the slightest indication of a gas leak, you must avoid touching or going near any electric switches or devices that could cause a spark. Your primary goal is to prevent spark, light flame or anything that could trigger the leak into a blast.

Windows and Doors

As you evacuate your home, remember to leave all windows and doors open. This will not tame the dangers of a gas leak, but will reduce the possible damage to your property by allowing the gas to escape.

Dial Emergency Services

Once you’ve taken all the steps listed above, get to a safe distance and call your local fire department and gas company. The fire department and professionals from the gas company will inspect and safely shut off or repair your gas line before allowing you back in. Try to inform and warn your neighbors in case any of them is near your house and protect them from possible danger.

After The Leak

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After the fire department has secured your premises and resolved your gas line leak, call a licensed plumbing company to ensure safe installation and repairs of your gas pipes. Don’t enter your home till it’s free from gas fumes and smells. Wait till you get clearance on your home’s air quality.The plumber will also diagnose the root cause of the leak to prevent the occurrence from happening again. Remember to install a fire alarm and carbon monoxide alarm detector to be alert next time.At 24/7 Plumbing Co., we value your family and home’s safety. Your health and protection are our priority. We offer plumbing services in Katy, TX and surrounding areas. If you’re looking to hire a plumber or learn more about our residential plumbing services, schedule an appointment today!

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