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24/7 Plumbing is your most trusted source for faucet repair and replacement.

Reliable Faucet Repair in Katy, Texas

24/7 Plumbing Company offers fast and reliable faucet repair in Katy, Texas. We provide long-term solutions that save you time and money and give you extended performance from any faucet in your house. We offer a wide range of services on all manufacturer brands and models. Our plumbers have the training and skill to work on even the most complex faucet jobs.


    • Fully licensed and insured plumbers
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If you find a persistent slow drain in the shower despite your best efforts at cleaning it, there may be something wrong with the drain pipe itself. Faucet repairs can be even more subtle. If you find water stains underneath your sink or on the ceiling beneath your upstairs bathroom, consider contacting 24/7 Plumbing Company for excellent drain repair services.

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Professional Plumbing Repair Services We Offer in the Katy Area

Leaky Faucet Repair

We find and fix stubborn leaks in your faucet, removing irritating drips once and for all. We perform leaky faucet repair on all types of faucets old and new.

Shower Faucet Repair

Shower faucets often leak water around the base of the shower head, causing it to splatter. We seal shower faucets, restoring proper water pressure and direction.

Bathroom Faucet Repair

24/7 works on all types of bathroom faucets, including the bathroom sink, shower, valves, and hot tub faucets. We prevent leaks from damaging your bathroom walls and floors.

Outside Faucet Repair

Do you have an outside faucet that just won’t stop dripping? If so, there may be a leak in the seal. We can seal or repair the faucet to keep water from dripping around the house.

Emergency Faucet Repair

If you have a major leak in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or utility room, you may not be able to wait for regular plumbing service. Water can cause structural damage that costs you thousands of dollars to repair.

At 24/7 Plumbing Company, we understand the stress of water leaks. For this reason, we offer emergency faucet repair in Katy, Texas. When you contact us, we’ll dispatch a plumber who will arrive at your home promptly, ready to fix your faucet right away.

We waste no time diagnosing the problem and finding a solution. You can rely on emergency plumbing repair 24/7, including nights and weekends.

What Are the Signs of a Broken Faucet?

A broken faucet is not always easy to identify. A faucet can operate for months without showing signs of wear or damage simply because its only job is to control and channel water to the drain. Common signs of a broken or worn faucet include

  • No water coming out of the faucet when the handle is turned on
  • Low water pressure
  • A handle that is loose or does not turn easily
  • A faucet that leaks or drips constantly
  • Water coming out of the faucet in a stream that is not normal
  • A loud or strange noise coming from the faucet
  • Water that is discolored or has a bad smell coming out of the faucet

If you notice any of these signs, contact 24/7 Plumbing Company. We can get to the root of the leak and fully restore your faucet, so you don’t have to replace it.

Schedule Faucet Repair in Katy, Texas

Don’t settle for less for your home’s plumbing service. Contact professional plumbers at 24/7 Plumbing Company. We can help you with any leaking faucet in your home. Fill out the contact form or call to schedule a plumbing service in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Faucet Repair in Texas

What causes a leaky faucet?

A leaky faucet is typically caused by worn-out washers or O-rings.

Can I fix a leaky faucet myself?

Yes, you can fix a leaky faucet yourself if you have the necessary tools and experience. However, if you are uncomfortable with plumbing repairs, it is best to call a professional plumber.

Can a leaky faucet lead to mold?

A leaky faucet can lead to mold if the water from the leak is allowed to accumulate and saturate building materials.

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